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Why Practice Yoga?। Your Body Loves “Yoga”। Your Mind Needs “Yoga”

Why Practice Yoga?। Your Body Loves “Yoga”। Your Mind needs “Yoga”

Why Practice Yoga?


योग का अभ्यास क्यों करें। Why Practice Yoga?


Yoga as the name says combination or ‘Unity’ of Mind-Body and Soul in a wholeness.  The science has declared that we as human being are psychosomatic and our mind and body are not two separate elements, They are one and connected closely with each other.  


Why Practice Yoga?


Many people misunderstood it by exercise of body postures called “Aasanas” where the aim of yoga is to create a vibrant experience of health, happiness and wholeness. Yoga is a unique practice that works to unlock the vast potential within each individual.It’s a journey of knowing our true potential and attain greater heights of consciousness. Why Practice Yoga?


Yoga as an art of living is being accepted world wide now. The result of Yogic Practice is the perfect balance with harmony. Balance is created through the combination of yoga postures, relaxation and breathing exercises, bringing both body and mind back to their natural state of peace and wellness. You gently get rid of your physical and mental stress and reverse the process of rejuvenation.  


Why Practice Yoga?



The benefits of yoga are enormous and available to everyone – However Yoga is a science too which must be practices under the guidance of experienced master like other science. Few notable benefits on your body, mind and soul are as follows.





Your Body Loves “Yoga”


  • Increased flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone.
  • Builds muscle strength , elasticity and smoothen the movements
  • Helps to oxygenate the body and increase cardio endurance.
  • Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
  • Improved ease and quality of sleep.
  • Enhanced immune and digestive function.
  • Longevity! The combined benefits of yoga contribute to increased physical resilience and vitality, slowing down aging and allowing the body to avoid many of the common illnesses associated with old age.






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Your Mind needs “Yoga”

  •        For Optimistic Thinking in life as Yoga calms the nervous system.
  •        It is an excellent way to reduce stress and stress-related illness.
  •        Living with greater awareness by developing concentration and focus.
  •        Promotes emotional balance and helps you to improve your relationships.


Your Soul find peace in Yoga


  •     Yoga gives us space to be present with our bodies, rather than busy with activity.
  •    It encourages self awareness. It helps us to recognize strengths and limitations, and helps to work on both.
  •     Generates an attitude of self acceptance and positivity.


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